Authentic Thai feast

Beer. Wine and Cha Cha Cha - 27th March 2021

Tables booking are allocating into two zones.


1. Barn area (Licensed area). This area is restricted for juvenile entering unless accompanied by responsible adults. The show and music performance will be allocated in this area. Maximum capacity of 150 people at one time as per COVID-19 Social Distancing and the Occasional Liquor License Act 1988.


2. Courtyard area – Non restrictions. Any type of patrons can be entered. Booking the table inside the Barn (Licensed area) capacity 150 people at once. The Cha Cha Cha dance show and dance lesson will be performed inside the barn between 8 pm – 9 pm.


Tables can only be reserved 15 mins before the show (7.45 pm) then the table will become open after the show finishes at 9 pm. These to ensure everyone have an equal chance to enjoy the show and be seated in the licensed area.


Booking table at Food stalls (Courtyard)


As per health and safety regulations, Food Stalls that using BBQ and hot plates such as – Pad Thai, BBQ Food, and noodles bar to be located outside the barn. Courtyard table available for booking from 6pm – 10.30 pm.


Please note no alcohol can be consumed in this area.


To book a table please click the button below, fill out your details, select the time and write a note if you prefer to sit inside the barn (Booking time 7.45pm only) or Courtyard time between 6pm-10.30pm.



Draft event Map to assist you with the location.