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Est. Home of Torung Market
Cafe and restaurant

Home of authentic home-cooked style Thai street food cafe and restaurant based on William street. A place for all ages to experience the traditional way of enjoying authentic Thai cuisine. 

Serving- Breakfast - Lunch and Dinner.


Coming October 2021

Street Food


Traditional method of cooking. We use fresh herbs from our home garden. We make chilli pastes and curry paste our self.  Every step of cooking is very meaningful for us. We source high quality gourmet meats and using local Fremantle seafood. We support Perth Local businesses. We love to prepare food with heart. Our kitchen can be see through so the customer can see how we traditionally prepare our food and can have the sense of good food. We will utilise the outdoor for char gaols food session. Our venue will be a family friendly smoked free wine restaurant.

Urban Gardening


To be the go-to authentic Thai Food Restaurant of high quality, sustainable business in Australia and reduce environmental impacts through promoting sustainable takeaway containers, dine in and operational practices. We also aim to promote organic vegetables and herbs patch grow our owns at the restaurant backyard. We are hoping to do a small Thai Cooking lesson for both kids and adults who are interested in cooking Thai cuisine and educate the community on how to your own food without relying to supermarket and preparing home-cooked Thai-style meals in their own backyard.

Vegetables and Herbs