About the Market

A unique Thai Style theme Pop - up Thai Street food night Market in Perth CBD, South West Regions and all around Western Australia. A place where you find the Thai night market ambient, authentic quick easy Thai grilled Street food, artisan products and market.


A name "Torung Market" is a Thai tradition late-night market. "Torung" mean stay up all night!. Our market is represented Thai food Culture where we can access the last minutes' food when the normal hour's restaurant hours closed.


As Thais, we love to be out socializing with our friends and family and eating casually and we are super laid back rarely worry about the restaurants opening and closure times. Yeah! because we know there is a Torung Market closed by!. That what a reason we are bringing this market to you, Perth Australia. :)

So bring your friends and family!

Torung Market Perth, a place to cater to everyone. 

See you around!

Immy D

Founder, Street Food Market Lover.

Christmas Market

Sustainability and environment-friendly market

Torung Market is promoting an environment-friendly market. We are strongly encouraging our food stall vendors to serve their customers with natural substitute plates and cutlery such as:

- Organic Bio disposable products – plants-based plates, bowls, and wooden cutlery.

- Banana leaves

- Pinto – Thai Style food containers (ปิ่นโต) - available at the event for hiring with no cost and rewashed facility provided.

- your own ceramic plates and bowls (re-washed facility provided)


How do we operating?


- Last Saturday of the calendar month

12 Markets/year

- 3 departments offer - Licensed bar (in the process), markets, food carts/ stalls.

- Operating around Perth CBD and Regional

of Western Australia

-Rotating authentic Thai Food from 4 regions of Thailand - Northern, Eastern, Central, and South regions.

- Support small business - Thai Food culture and arts

COVID - 19 Safe Practices Event

-Sustainability and environmentally friendly Market. Natural substitute for plates, bowls, and cluttery

- Promote Food Safe practice and Cleanliness

- Promote Cultural awareness market

- Support good local good food, beer, wines, Hospitality industry and touristy within Australia


Thai Street Food Catering with fine wine (coming soon)

- Mobile wine bar and Thai street food carts hire

- Personalised Thai food catering for your special events - birthday parties, anniversaries, small weddings, and corporate events

- Personalised food order weekly, monthly plan delivery to your home

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